Saturday, 13 June 2009

Daily Telegraph "Parents should educate children as they wish"

I totally agree with yesterday's comment in the Daily Telegraph "Parents should educate children as they wish". The government believes that parents are 'not safe to be trusted with the education of their children at home'. It is proposed that those who home school (about 50,000 according to the article) will have to register annually, have an inspection visit to the home and submit a statement of the intended approach the child's or children's education at home will take. This makes me so mad. And by the looks of it the Telegraph, which calls this 'meddlesome nonsense'. Just think the cost and bureaucratic machine that will have to come about in order to carry this out. The article also states that the proposal is wrong because it 'arrogantly assumes that state functionaries are better qualified than parents to decide what is right for their children'. But isn't this the case with education as a whole? The link to the article is at the top of this blog and it is well worth a read. Let's hope that Brown and his bunch soon leave office and this proposal never gets off the ground.

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